Day 11: Oslo, Norway

I can only express my thanks so many times for my friend Ninna, who hosted my stay in Norway and toured a few European countries with me for ten days this summer. Receiving a tour of Oslo from a Norwegian is not an opportunity that one comes across often, so that was a definite plus on the trip.

We started the day with a delicious breakfast, followed by a tour of the city. We went to Vigelandsparken, which is a park with famous sculptures.

The greenery is remarkably beautiful, I really admire that they value nature and choose to preserve it so extremely. I read a lot about the environment and nature (Speth, Muir, Thoreau) and I’ve imagined it, but never actually seen so much green. In an odd way, it was a vision come true for me. I thought my trip to Colorado gave me green hope but Norway is better.

Anyways. The city of Oslo itself seemed very quiet, peaceful, relaxing and overall calm. As we were walking down the main street, there was a large crowd waiting outside the Grand Hotel, and we actually saw Jay-Z go along his merry way to perform with Kanye. And later that day, we found out that they were eating sushi and wine at the same place that we were the day before! We were feeling pretty celeb status that day.

I got to see and experience a few different Norwegian customs and traditions so far. I saw the royal family’s castle, witnessed a soccer hooligan fight, tried a hotdog wrapped in a pancake, drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of bread, and as a treat I saw the Norwegian police all geared up with their shields and batons–very unusual activity apparently. Norwegian police are not issued guns/weapons.

Since it’s so absurdly expensive in Norway and we can’t even afford a night out on our own, we decided to drink some beer at home in the jacuzzi for a few hours and end the night watching Suits. I follow literally 3 TV series’ and they are all USA shows, and Suits is quite addicting so if you haven’t already, seriously check it out. If the hot lawyers aren’t enough to draw you in, you should see someone about that.

As we spent our night in, we also decided that it would be a wonderful idea to take a day trip to Paris since we already had plans to go to Amsterdam for a few days. (Wait til you hear that story–my favorite one from my entire trip.)

My overall opinion of Oslo is a good one. I didn’t encounter many people because they were a little shy to speak English but no one was memorably rude. I will never get over the greenery, and for that reason I really love Norway. The fjords and the farms and the scenery were seriously amazing. And thinking about it makes me want to write a blog about environmental literature and sustainability and all of those fun things! (Don’t judge me.)

I’m really looking forward to writing about Amsterdam and Paris though, and I hope you’re looking forward to reading them too. I do want to take a minute to say thanks to all of my followers–the numbers are growing!–and all the people who have commented and liked my posts. It’s a nice feeling logging in and getting to read and receive all of your feedback.

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