Undress the Stress: Day 18

So today I had a number of moments in which I felt under pressure.  Not so much stress, but short bursts of overwhelming feeling.

  • Term paper.  Today was the due date for one of my midterm papers and I had it completed but I never edited it or formatted it, so I set my alarm a little earlier to get it done.  Normally I hate going to bed without finishing what I need to do because the stress is only worse when the deadline is closer. Plus I would rather to go to bed knowing that I’m all finished instead of waking up and being worried right away.  But I just couldn’t focus last night.  Hump day got the best of me.
  • Midnight Run.  I’m part of an organization called Midnight Run and you can read about my first trip with them here.  We are made up of about fifteen students under different committees and every semester, we collect clothing and food donations and deliver them in person to the homeless on the streets of New York City.  It’s one of the best experiences I’ve been apart of so far, and all of the hard work we put into the program is worth it when we make the deliveries and change a handful of lives.  I felt a little bit stressed and very much under pressure because the trip is approaching soon and the week off of school from Hurricane Sandy has slowed our progress down and it seems like not everyone is taking this as seriously as it should be.  I spoke up about this earlier today and the problem is solved.  Sometimes all it takes is a voice.

That’s all for today I guess!

It’s such an amazing feeling to sit here with the intention of ranting about my day and all the moments that I felt stressed.  But it’s even more amazing to sit here and not have much to rant about.  After that second bullet point I legitimately sat here while two entire songs passed by on my playlist, and I couldn’t think of anything else that stressed me out today.

Maybe a stress blog is all you really need to be able to look back on your day and find the best parts by examining the worst parts first.  I know from experience (and from being a human in general) that in the moment, everything is much worse than it is in retrospect.

A few weeks ago during one of my first few stress blogs, I was seriously freaking out about paperwork and deadlines and other study abroad responsibilities that I had, but at the end of every day I always knew there would be tomorrow to take care of it all.  Whenever there was a setback or someone I needed to reach was not in the office, I would be so unnecessarily annoyed, and it affected the rest of my day.  Well, I’m sick of that.

It’s time to accept that some things are simply out of my hands and there is no sense in worrying.  Worrying is the last thing that could help solve any problem.

So follow my footsteps.  Take a breath, time travel and look at your moments of stress with a retrospective eye, and carry on.  It really is so, so easy.


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