How to wallow, and how to stop

I have never been a fan of people who wallow, people who worry, and people who waste.  Here’s my take on wallowing:  it’s allowed, but not for long.  Would you want to look back your life and remember that you spent four months getting back on your feet after you lost your job?  Or that you wasted years yearning over your ex?  I’m going to guess that the answer is ‘No’.

I’m not implying that we ignore our feelings or become selfish emotionless robots.  All I’m suggesting is that life won’t stop for anything.  Sometimes bad things happen, and then life goes on.  Life is the emotionless robot in this equation.  We are the humans.

Take a few days to let it out, and then carry on.  You deserve happiness more than you do sadness.

How to wallow:

Lay in bed, but don’t sleep.

Cry when it rains.

Make playlists called “CRY” and “Nostalgia” and listen to them all the time.

Focus only on what makes you sad.

Cry when it’s not raining.

Stop answering text messages.

Spend a few extra minutes with your eyes closed in the shower.

Feel your heart ache.

Cry when you remember.

How to stop:

Lay in bed, and clear your mind.  Go to sleep knowing you are blessed and that no matter what or who you lost, you will always have a memory to embrace.

Cry tears of joy when the sun shines.  Feel alive.

Make playlists called “Breathe” and “Wake up”.

“Think about your feelings and organize them.  Learn a lesson from the wallowing.  Come out of this experience a stronger person.

Don’t cry when it rains.

Send text messages, make plans, go out dancing, buy a plane ticket.  Surround yourself with happiness you deserve.

Spend a few extra minutes in bed when the alarm goes off and tell yourself, “I love waking up!”

Feel your heart grow.  Let the good vibes in.

Cry when you remember.

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