An obligatory Christmas post

Merry Christmas to all of you lovers, dreamers, nonbelievers, humans, creatures–whatever you are, I hope you are having a beautiful Christmas.  A Christmas that is overflowing with joy and exploding with love.  Or at the very least, I hope you’re having a good day.

As usual, I can’t believe it’s Christmas.  It always just sneaks up on me every year.  Life just goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

December 25th brings up a lot to think about, but mostly the 365 days that came just before and that will come after today.

The last year has been fantastic.  I traveled to places I’ve always dreamed of visiting.  I finished another two semesters of college.  The people in my life remain happy, healthy, and full of love for each other.  I met some incredible people and made some really meaningful connections with people.  I’ve had my fair share (and maybe a little more) of adventure this year, and I could not imagine my world getting any better from here.

But the most amazing this is, is that I know it will.  I have a beautiful future to look forward to.  You want to know how I know that?  Because I won’t accept anything else.

To some degree, I believe in fate and destiny but I also believe in chance and making my own luck.  All of the experiences I’ve been blessed enough to have had this year were not random strokes of luck–they were plans.  I worked hard to be deserving of everything I got, and I intend to do the same for the rest of my life.  Fate and destiny have their own roles to play but when I look ahead to the next 365 days, I know that only I can get myself to where I want to be.  Same goes for you.

So, friends, never stop being thankful.  Do it all day, every day, during every moment you can.  THAT is how you spread love.  It’s how we keep ourselves moving forward to bigger and to better.

There are too many sunrises and sunsets to see, chocolates to eat, days to enjoy, oceans to swim in, air to breathe, people to meet, and trees to save.  Look ahead and find the future that you want.  Take it, and make it.

PS- I tried so hard not to include a rant about consumerism and how I think money/material totally replaced the true meaning of Christmas…And I succeeded!  So for that, you’re welcome.  You have been spared.

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