The aura of travel

I love early mornings. And I really love early mornings spent traveling. I woke up a little earlier than 6 am this morning in order to make a 7:14 am train from Amsterdam Centraal to Schipol Airport in order to make a 9:35 am flight to Madrid.

The walk to the train station was quick, and yet we passed quite a few fellow travelers. Walking in the darkness with their backpacks and heavy jackets. We traded polite nods as we passed them, and it felt like an exchange of a “Welcome” and “Goodbye” to Amsterdam from one visitor to another.

At the train station, it was silent apart from mechanical sounds and the rolling of suitcase wheels. In the bicycle car of the train, a wide open seatless space, a dozen early morning travelers stood together. I was well aware that we are all going to separate places but I couldn’t help but feel an automatic connection with this group of strangers.

All of us, unquestionably, would have preferred to be in a warm comfortable bed rather than squished together in a moving train car. We all know early mornings and the rush of trying to make a flight. We all know what bad customer service is like. We all know just wanting to go to sleep, and just hoping for good weather, and just wanting to be there already. We all know extra fees, overpriced everythings, back pain, loud crying babies, and in general, we all just know.

There was an unspoken understanding between us all on that train this morning. Even if no one else felt it, I’m glad I did.



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