The last couple of months have been nothing short of a dream.

I used to think that traveling was about seeing new places and getting closer to being able to the world as a whole, with my own eyes instead of through pictures and imagination.  And that’s what it used to be to me.  But recently travel has become more about learning than seeing.

Learning about myself by testing my limits–you know, seeing how long I can go without sleep, or how successful I can be at convincing the Aer Lingus agent to get me on the next flight to Dublin after I missed the first one.  I learn something before, during, and after every trip.  Before a trip, I am one person.  And after, I am another.  It’s that simple, because every adventure remains with me somehow and it changes me inevitably.

Just the same, I learn about others by sharing.  Sharing earphones while they play DJ. Sharing clothes when mine are ruined by a spill in my backpack.  Sharing cabs and hostel rooms.  Sharing moments.  Hardships.  Breathtaking views.  Sunsets, walks, train rides.  Even sharing toothbrushes.  Just kidding.  That should never ever happen.  But if it did, we could learn by sharing the journey followed by the memory.

Then there is the learning about the places in the world that bring us together and put us all on the same page of desire.  Because I know we all want more sometimes.

But even further than that, is the learning that we don’t need more sometimes.  There are moments during travel in which I know I could live forever.  Half a mile up a dune in the middle of the Sahara Desert during sunrise, for example.  Or the very first second you step foot on new ground, maybe in a city that you are about to call “home” for five months.  In these moments, with what little I have in hand–a suitcase or a backpack–it feels like just enough to last forever.


2 thoughts on “Splits

  1. Hi Christine, Wonderful post,amazing pictures.l have traveled a lot .You not only see new place ,traveling is discovering new cultures and learning.l think we are very lucky to be able to travel.Wishing you the best.jalal

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