Your future job might not even exist yet

Today I read a quote that said your future job might not even exist yet.  And it made me feel so much better about the post-graduation pressure that I’m already unsuccessfully avoiding.

I’m majoring in media and minoring in sociology–two things that will probably never go away.  So I should be set, right?  Wrong.  I am still at a total loss and confusion.

But here’s the bright side: Internet years are even faster than dog years.  Things mature and get old quickly out here on the interweb,  so I’m not worried.  Something incredible could happen in the next few months, and BAM–just like the #royalbaby, my dream job is born.  I mean, Facebook is TEN years old and it has well over one billion users around the world–that kind of success doesn’t come often in human years.  So for that reason, the speed of Internet years is comforting to me.

Humans years, on the other hand…I sort of wish that they moved a little slower.  “One more year! What are you going to do after graduation?” said everyone ever.  I’m sick of replying with different versions of what is basically I HAVE NO IDEA.  This is going to sound a little too cliche and beauty pageant-esque but I so honestly just want…to be happy.  It’s not about the paycheck for me.  I care more about how I feel, if I’m happy every day, and if I get to be surrounded by people I care about, doing something that I want to be doing.

I mean, I’m pretty broke now but I’m as happy as I could be.  And if it stays that way, I think I’ll survive.  Life has always been about people for me.  I say it all the time.  So as long as I am not alone, as long as I can wake up with a smile on, whatever I’m doing for the rest of that day doesn’t matter–I’ll take it.


Dear Future Self,

Everything will be okay.  Your future job might not even exist yet.

Hakuna matata.  Just enjoy your life.

Current Self

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