New year // New me

Since early January I have dubbed this year, 2014, to be my year of learning.

Just as last year was my year of travel, this is my year of learning.

In the first few weeks of the year, I started learning how to knit and code.  And when the semester began in February I registered for piano and Italian classes.  I also learned how to edit videos and make short videos/slideshows.

So far: successful!

Ever since reading that article I blogged about a couple of week ago, Navigating Stuckness, I want to be not the smartest, but the most interesting person in the room.  I meet new people all the time, and I’ve noticed that I love the experience more when they inspire me to learn something new.  When people say, “I wish I could ____” or “I wish I knew how to ____”,  I would really really love to be able to say, “I can teach you.”

So I am transforming into a Renaissance woman of sorts because it’s 2014 and I don’t want to be good at only one thing.


I came back to school before the semester started only to discover that I had a lot of free time on my hands until the semester started.  For that reason I decided I would learn how to knit.  After a basic lesson from a friend and watching a few YouTube videos, I turned into a knitter, literally overnight.

In one week I made a scarf for my mom and a headband for myself.  Now I’m working on this (incredibly soft and fluffy) baby blanket for my sister, who’s expecting a baby in July!



Last semester I worked with a (brilliant) grad assistant in the office that I work for at my university, and somehow he had an impressive knowledge of every subject ever.  There aren’t a lot of people like that.  Although a lot of times he’s probably the smartest person in the room, to me he was also interesting because he knew how to do a lot of stuff with just one talent–coding.

Over the summer I started completing lessons on but recently I’ve been inspired to really learn the basics.  So at least once a week I spend between 1-2 hours practicing/learning code.  So far I know how to build a basic webpage with words, pictures, and links…Just wait til I get better and you’ll be impressed!


I grew up taking piano lessons and I can still read music and play songs, but I want to master the instrument a little more.  After two classes I (re)learned several scales, and I’m getting ready to do my first solo (eep!) out of the six we have to do for class.

Also, what’s different about learning it in a class meant for music majors, I’m really being challenged to learn the technical aspects of the music.  Before I had no idea how many sharps were in an F major scale.  But now I know.  Tweet at me if you want to know the answer… @codea



I think this might be my favorite among the new skills I am learning.  I take a class on Tuesdays/Thursdays and IT IS SO FUN.  Our professor is fantastic and extremely engaging with the students, and I really enjoy it so far.

I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I’m in a language class that is not Spanish, so that kind of makes it even more fun.  The accent and alphabet are totally different so sometimes I have no idea what’s happening, but it’s okay because I don’t think anyone else does either.  Ciao.

What’s next?

I think I need to let these first four settle into my life, but I know I’m not stopping here.  What should I learn next?


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